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Here Are 5 Types of Multi-Channel Retailing

Multi-channel retailing involves selling products to your customers using both offline and online outlets. The use of the internet is making the online business competitive. Each day, entrepreneurs are introducing new online businesses. In this essence, you need to look for a unique way to stand out from your competitors. Using multi-channel retailing is one of the great ways that will make you run a successful business. You will not only create brand awareness with multi-channel retailing but also increase sales and revenue. Also, this retailing will centralize all your business operations to avoid inventory shortage, and help you keep your margins healthy.

There are multi-channel retailing that will enable you to sell your products across the globe and different channels. Here are 5 types of multi-channel retailing:

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Physical store channel

This multi-channel retail involves selling your products direct from brick and motor store. With this, the customers get an opportunity to see, touch, and feel the product. Most customers prefer this method of retailing as it is safe and customers cannot purchase the wrong product. For instance, if a customer wishes to buy a dress, he/she will touch the material and try to fit it to know whether it is the right size. Also, in the physical store, customers will have an opportunity to interact with the seller and can negotiate the price. The payment method of brick and mortar store is cash or using mobile or card.

Catalog channel

One way to create brand awareness is by using catalog channel. It is a visual approach that will enable you to convince customers that your products are of high quality. The approach of using catalog is simple as you will prepare catalog and send them to your potential buyers. You will include details like offers and price to enhance customers’ purchasing decision.

 You can send the catalogs to your customers through emails or postal mails. This multi-channel retailing is essential as it can reach customers regardless of their location. Also, they improve visual presentation which can convince customers to purchase your products.

Online store

Another great multi-channel retailing is the online store. With an online store, you will get an opportunity to tell your potential customers more about your business. Also, you can include images of the products you are offering together with a product description. With an online store, you can reach a massive number of customers and also save money as you will reduce overhead and marketing costs. Also, with an online store, your business will operate for 24 hours and offer reliable customer support.

Social media

If your goal is to reach a massive number of customers, you should consider social media as the priority. Social media has millions of users. With this, you will be sure to target a massive number of audiences. Facebook, in particular, is a large multichannel retailing that will allow you to place a buying button on the Facebook page. Also, it provides target ads at reasonable pricing.

Twitter is another multi-channel retailing that can help you sell products to a massive number of customers.


Standing out from competitors will require you to use multi-channel retailing. If you want this year to be of success, you need to combine a physical store channel, catalog channel, online store, social media, and marketplaces to reach a massive base of international as well as local customers.

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