Should Homeschoolers Play on High School Teams?

Posted on Thursday, February 16 2012

I didn’t even have to read past the title before I was able to form an opinion on this issue. Home-schooled children should absolutely not be allowed to play on public school teams. 13 states already allow this, and the famed Tim Tebow was home-schooled up until college, and we all know how his athletic career bloomed. This negatively effects the school, the competition, and even the team.

I can think of several reasons why this should not be allowed, the first of which is based on the definition of a high school sport.  What is the point of teams representing schools if you have players who don’t represent the school? Who do you play for at that point? As a fan how can you root for your peer athletes when they aren’t your peers?

Another issue I have with this is the unfair off the field factors. High school athletes must deal with so much more than the team. Conditioning, school work, detentions, social issues, and much more. A home-schooled athlete has a very different lifestyle than one who goes to school. Take diet for example, a home schooler on game day probably gets a well balanced meal capped of with a power nap. On the other hand an athlete who attends school must power through a 20 minute lunch with subpar food choices, and then go right back to class. The environments are so vast they cannot possibly compete fairly.

Imagine losing a spot on your high school team’s roster to a kid who didn’t even go to your high school; that would be the worst feeling. The number one qualification for playing on a high school team should be attending the high school.

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