Posted on Thursday, January 26 2012

Not as if the Pro Bowl was ever an uptight environment, but this year, the NFL is taking relaxed to the next level by allowing players to tweet from the sidelines. I have always been a proponent of keeping your head in the game, but I guess I could set that aside for a game such as this.

The Pro Bowl does not mean anything as far as competition, so there is really nothing to lose here for either the NFL or the players. However, it certainly will benefit both parties. As far as the players, by using hash tag #ProBowl they will certainly create a ‘trend’, resulting in more followers and greater fan recognition. And for the NFL, they are increasing the size of their marketplace and grabbing the attention of more fans. My guess is that there will be millions of fans completely disconnected from the game itself, many of which will have some idea of what is going on via Twitter.

While famous tweeter Chad Ochocinco will not be on the sidelines to voice his comedic opinion, I am sure that there will be plenty of action on the sideline computer this weekend. Don’t look for a tweet from Tom Brady, he has more important things to do. However, Aaron Rodgers should be able to provide plenty of quarterback insight, he may even throw a discount double check into the mix. AFC safety Brian Dawkins is a very religious man, so if inspirational tweets are your style, follow @BrianDawkins. While most twitter comedians have been snubbed from the Super Bowl, Clay Matthews’ hair will be keeping fans posted all game @ClayMatthews52. Andy Dalton does not have a twitter account, but maybe that’s best for a rookie quarterback in his first Pro Bowl.

All in all, I like the idea of allowing players to tweet mid-game, it will add a bit of flare to an otherwise non-climactic game.

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