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The Pros and Cons of LeBron as President of the NBA Players Association


In the past few weeks, LeBron James has been making noise that he is considering a run at the presidency of the ...

Ranking the All-Star Games in the 4 Major Sports


As we head into Major League Baseball’s “Midsummer Classic” this evening, I’ve been thinking about pro-s...

In Honor of Nike Ending its Nine-Year Partnership with Livestrong: The Top 5 Falls From Grace in Sports History


When it became clear that Lance Armstrong had used performance enhancing drugs in his pursuit of his Tour de Fra...

Sports Marketing Group Now Offers Mobile Web Solutions


TAMPA, FL- With the success of their branding and design division and based on the ever-growing number of fans t...

Sports Marketing Group Now Offers Social Media Consulting


TAMPA, FL- With the success of their branding and design division and based on the prevalence of social media ac...

NFL: Who Is America's Team?


“America’s Team” is a term that was originally coined in a 1978 NFL films production about the Dallas Cowb...

The New Orleans Hornets are changing their name to the New Orleans Pelicans


The brown pelican is the Louisiana state bird and it appears on the state flag and seal, not to mention Louisian...

The Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials You'll See on Sunday


As if there aren’t too many commercials during a regular NFL game already, now the length of each Super Bowl c...

Can Joe Flacco Be a Superstar?


While much attention during Super Bowl week has been paid to the meteoric rise of San Francisco’s Colin Kaepe...

As the NFL Turns- The Coaching Carousel


Last year we bantered about where then coaching free agent Jeff Fisher should go next. At the time he only had a...

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