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Posted on Wednesday, October 17 2012

Saturday’s match-up between Florida and South Carolina will be a rematch of 2005 when Spurrier’s Gamecocks beat Florida. This game will be tough but will have a different outcome. This year USC will not upset Florida’s chances of making the SEC championship assuming the Gators win out. This will be the third time this year a Florida game will be featured on ESPN’s College Game Day and the 35th time in the school’s history, more than any other college. Florida is definitely ready for the spotlight.

There is no doubt that Alabama will win the west and appear in the SEC championship making the most watched game of the entire season no matter who ends up in Miami Gardens.  This game will follow one of two scenarios, both of which we have seen before:

  1. 2008 Repeat- The Gators beat an undefeated Alabama team and go on to win the National Championship title.
  2. 2009 Repeat- Alabama outplays Florida and travels to Miami to win their third Title under Nick Saban.

The winner of this epic SEC battle will go on to pursue their dreams as BCS National Champions but who on earth will they play? What’s the best scenario for viewers?

Oregon, Kansas State, and Notre Dame are all 6-0 teams sitting in spots 3, 4, and 5 respectively in the BCS standings. Assuming all three teams win out, Oregon has the best chances and is most ready to play in the title match-up. Oregon played in the 2011 game against Auburn and lost and is likely looking for revenge on an SEC team.

Oregon will host Stanford on Saturday that will decide the Pac-12 Championship. If the Ducks keep their current scoring pace and win out they will play in Miami. The “quack attack” is scoring all over the place, their opponents defenselessly lying in the dust. If they keep this pace they will outscore the Oklahoma record of 716 points in a single season and play for the title.

Last season’s game, Alabama vs. LSU produced the lowest TV ratings for a National Championship game in the 14-year history of the BCS. Adding a non-SEC team to the roster would improve viewership. Although, it would be fun and exciting game to watch, I don’t think, even an undefeated Oregon team could come up with a win against Alabama or Florida. It would be the best one to watch though.


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