Bucket Bracket Final Four

Posted on Thursday, March 29 2012

The first matchup of the Final Four events in our Lynn University Sports Management Bucket Bracket pits the Super Bowl against the Olympics. Many of you may have an issue with my pick, but the Super Bowl is headed to the Championship Round, here’s why:

While the Olympics are historic and monumental, they are very watered down. With so many events, hundreds of winners, thousands of participants, and weeks of competition; the Olympics are very hard to stay interested in. Sure, nationalism is cool, and so are gold medals, but when the competition is diluted like this it is difficult to really pinpoint where the climax of action is (if any).

The Super Bowl is a spectacle that certainly tops the Olympics from my point of view. It could be because I am a beer loving American, but hey, the United States participates in the Olympics too. Something about waiting an entire season to determine who is the best of the best in football really tickles my fancy.

Who will face the Super Bowl in the championship event? The matchup is between the World Cup and the Men’s Final Four. Although these two events are structured very similarly, this matchup is a no brainer. The World Cup is headed to the Championship round to face the Super Bowl. Why?

Yes, the Men’s Final Four is a spectacle unlike any other. A single elimination tournament is always thrilling, especially with potential for upsets. The Final Four captivates millions of Americans through the ever famous ‘bracket challenge’. However, the NCAA Tournament has nothing on the World Cup.

I’ll never forget the last World Cup, and I am hardly a soccer fan. I was on a cruise ship and almost every passenger was crowded on the top deck for every game to watch the games and hear the vuvuzuelas. The fact that the World Cup is only played once every four years adds an immense amount of anticipation for the event. Whichever country wins has bragging rights for an entire four years (and an awesome party). Spain is currently the champion; next year there are 31 other countries that will look to dethrone them.

Next Tuesday we will decide which is the world’s greatest sporting event. The Super Bowl or the World Cup.

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